Grand Quizzess

ACC311 Fundamentals of Auditing MCQs 2

ACC501 – Business Finance MCQs 4

BNK601: Banking Laws & Practice MCQs 16

BNK603: Consumer Banking MCQs 16

CS101 Introduction to Computing MCQs – Quizzes MCQs 9

CS201: Introduction to Programming MCQs 12

CS301 – Data Structure MCQs 6

CS302 – Digital Logic Design MCQs 2

CS304 -Object Oriented Programming MCQs 6

CS401 – Computer Architecture and Assembly Languag MCQs 7

CS402 Theory of Automata MCQs 7

CS403: Database Management Systems MCQs 10

CS410 – Visual Programming MCQs and Quizzes MCQs 1

CS501-Advance Computer Architecture MCQs 2

CS502 – Fundamentals of Algorithms MCQs 7

CS504 – Software Engineering I – MCQs 4

CS506-Web Design and Development MCQs 2

CS507: Information Systems MCQs 30

CS508 – Modern Programming Languages MCQs 1

CS601- Data Communication MCQs 4

CS604 Operating Systems MCQs 4

CS605 – Software Engineering II – MCQs 2

CS607 Artificial Intelligence MCQs 3

CS609 System Programming MCQs and Quizzes MCQs 3

CS610: Computer Network MCQs 15

CS614 – Data Warehousing MCQs 7

CS615: Software Project Management MCQs 12

ECO401: Economics MCQs 45

ECO402 – Microeconomics MCQs 1

ENG201 – Business and Technical English Writing – MCQs and Quizzes MCQs 3

ENG301: Business Communication MCQs MCQs 3

FIN611-Advance Financial Accounting MCQs 1

FIN621 Financial Statement Analysis MCQs 9

FIN622: Corporate Finance MCQs 22

FIN623: Taxation Management MCQs 15

FIN625 (BNK625): Credit & Risk Management MCQs 13

FIN630: Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management MCQs 15

HRM624: Conflict Management MCQs 6

HRM627: Human Resource Development MCQs 7

ISL201 Islamic Studies MCQs 1

IT430: E-Commerce MCQs 17

MCM301- Communication skills MCQs 3

MCM311 – Reporting and Sub-Editing MCQs 1

MCM431 Development Communication MCQs 2

MCM516 – TV News Reporting and Production MCQs MCQs 1

MGMT611 (HRM611): Human Relations MCQs 16

MGMT623: Leadership & Team Management MCQs 9

MGMT625 (HRM625) Change Management MCQs 16

MGMT627 – Project Management -mcqs MCQs 2

MGMT628 (HRM628) Organizational Development MCQs 7

MGMT630: Knowledge Management MCQs 13

MGT101: Financial Accounting MCQs 14

MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration MCQs 15

MGT201: Financial Management MCQs 24

MGT211 – Introduction To Business MCQs 6

MGT301: Principles of Marketing MCQs 33

MGT401: Financial Accounting II MCQs 5

MGT402: Cost & Management Accounting MCQs 9

MGT411 Money and Banking MCQs 34

MGT501Human Resource Management MCQs 17

MGT502: Organizational Behaviour MCQs 38

MGT503: Principles of Management MCQs 28

MGT510 (MGMT510): Total Quality Management MCQs 2

MGT601 SME Management MCQs 3

MGT602: Entrepreneurship MCQs 35

MGT603: Strategic Management MCQs 79

MGT604 (BNK604): Mangmnt of Financial Institutions MCQs 13

MGT610 Business Ethics MCQs 4

MGT613: Production / Operations Management MCQs 57

MKT501: Marketing Management MCQs 49

MKT610: Customer Relationship Management MCQs 5

MKT621: Advertising & Promotion MCQs 1

MKT624 Brand Management MCQs 14

MKT630: International Marketing MCQs 6

MTH302: Business Mathematics & Statistics MCQs 24

PHY101- Physics MCQs 1

PSY101: Introduction to Psychology MCQs 2

SOC101 – Introduction to Sociology MCQs 11

STA301 – Statistics and Probability MCQs MCQs 1

STA630: Research Methods MCQs 40

CS604 CS101


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