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Famous Graphics Chips: Intel’s 82786

By Jon Peddie Intel saw the rise in discrete graphics controllers such as NEC’s µPD7220 (and even licensed it), Hitachi’s HD63484, and the several clones of IBM’s EGA, and conclude Intel was leaving a socket unfilled by them. Intel’s intention always was, and still is, to provide every bit of silicon in a PC, and a graphics controller would be …

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How you can enhance your workplace using IoT?

By Bilal Muqeet The IoT (Internet of Things) has already penetrated in almost every industry. It’s time for workplaces to revolutionize themselves with this technology. IoT, in simple terms, means the exchange of data with multiple devices connected over a network. One thing that mustn’t be ignored is cybersecurity because as the number of devices increase, the greater the risks. …

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