CS408 Assignmnet Solution

CS408 Solution

Visibility of system status.

 The system should always keep users informed about what is going on, through appropriate feedback within reasonable time.

Help and documentation:

Few systems can be used with no instruction so it may be necessary to provide help and documentation. Any such information should be easy to search, focused on the user’s task, list concrete step to be carried out, and not be too large.

Match between system and real world :

 The system should speak the user’s language, with words, phrases and concepts familiar to the user, rather than system-oriented terms. Follow real-world conventions, making information appear in natural and logical order.

User freedom and control Users:

 often choose system functions by mistake and need a clearly marked ’emergency exit’ to leave the unwanted state without having to go through an extended dialog. Support undo and redo.

Consistency and standards : Users should not have to wonder whether words, situations or actions mean the same thing in different contexts. Follow platform conventions and accepted standards.

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