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Famous Graphics Chips: Intel’s 82786

By Jon Peddie Intel saw the rise in discrete graphics controllers such as NEC’s µPD7220 (and even licensed it), Hitachi’s HD63484, and the several clones of IBM’s EGA, and conclude Intel was leaving a socket unfilled by them. Intel’s intention always was, and still is, to provide every bit of silicon in a PC, and…
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How you can enhance your workplace using IoT?

By Bilal Muqeet The IoT (Internet of Things) has already penetrated in almost every industry. It’s time for workplaces to revolutionize themselves with this technology. IoT, in simple terms, means the exchange of data with multiple devices connected over a network. One thing that mustn’t be ignored is cybersecurity because as the number of devices…
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Machine Learning Is Bad at Context. Here’s How We Fix It.

by Anna Johansson Machine learning is amazing at many tasks. Our most advanced algorithms can process and understand data faster than any human ever could, and we’re even to the point where they can beat our best players at some of the most complex games in existence. But even with all its inherent advantages, and…
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Why Hybrid IT Makes Sense for Your Organization

By Khaled Assali Vice President of Product Management, Tuangru Many CIOs continue to search for that sweet spot when it comes to meeting the IT demands of their organization. They’re still skittish about trusting everything to the public cloud, yet they’re beginning to realize that in some cases, their own data center may be woefully…
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IEEE Computer Society Predicts the Future of Tech: Top 10 Technology Trends for 2019

IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS) tech experts unveil their annual predictions for the future of tech, presenting what they believe will be the most widely adopted technology trends in 2019. This year, the experts also review additional technologies that have not yet reached broad adoption and will be revisited next year–such as digital twins–as well as…
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Psy404 current midterm paper Mcqs were easy Brain imaging techniques. 5marks Single group experimental designs and repeated measurements. 5marks Analogue experiments . 3marks Do u believe that abonoemal behavior is caused by demons. 3marks Are clinical interviews are the source of gathering the information? 3marks Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. 3marks mcm 301 ka current…
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22-12-2018 All Subject Latest Paper

Mgt502 Today 10.30 1 table was given complete the missing   total question 232 short 3 marks k3 long 5 marks k 18 McqsQ1. Decision making septsQ2.Maslow’s needsQ3.Attributes commponents and sourcesQ4.Motivation important roal for good profomanceQ5.B=F(p,E) Stand forENG201 PAPER 08:30 AMTotal ques 17Mcqs 10Subjective type ques 17 (2 3 and 5 marks) Mostly Mcq’s are…
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