Month: December 2018

Vu Past Paper


Psy404 current midterm paper Mcqs were easy Brain imaging techniques. 5marks Single group experimental designs and repeated measurements. 5marks Analogue experiments . 3marks Do u believe that abonoemal behavior is caused by demons. 3marks Are clinical interviews are the source of gathering the information? 3marks Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. 3marks mcm 301 ka current…
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22-12-2018 All Subject Latest Paper

Mgt502 Today 10.30 1 table was given complete the missing   total question 232 short 3 marks k3 long 5 marks k 18 McqsQ1. Decision making septsQ2.Maslow’s needsQ3.Attributes commponents and sourcesQ4.Motivation important roal for good profomanceQ5.B=F(p,E) Stand forENG201 PAPER 08:30 AMTotal ques 17Mcqs 10Subjective type ques 17 (2 3 and 5 marks) Mostly Mcq’s are…
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